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865 Second Avenue West
Owen Sound, Ontario

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church: a church community of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, worshiping in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Bible Study


Becoming a loving disciple of Jesus Christ isn't something that just happens all by itself!  When we gather together for fellowship, study, and prayer, our faith deepens, and we become more and more the people God has called us to be.

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”


Every Monday morning at 9:30 a.m., from September to May, a group of ladies meets in the Judy Young Room, or the Kitchen.

We have coffee and a time of fellowship, sharing and prayer before we begin our study.

Every time we study the Scriptures together we learn something new and meaningful.

We are just beginning to study the book of Acts.

New people are always welcome!


Wednesday afternoon Bible study

8 Life Shaking Moments with Jesus_LOGO_COLOR.jpg


“8 LIFE SHAKING MOMENTS WITH JESUS” features film clips from a biblical epic and invigorating conversation with 4 different guys from across the country.

“It really is in a category of its own because it is so honest, clear and convincing” commented Exec Producer Dan Johnson of Integrity Films.  “We didn’t want any thing predicable…and wanted to avoid the same answers, clichés that often come when discussing Jesus’ life.  We think it is dangerously fresh!”

The panel of characters they have assembled are a study of diversity in itself.  Craig Detwiler heads up the Communications School at BIOLA University in Southern California following his seminary degree from Fuller and his completion at USC film school.  Chris Williamson, an African American pastor and frequent chaplain for football teams introduced rap to Liberty University and still graduated.  KP Westmoreland was raised in the church and “missed Jesus completely” and now is an evangelist to young people who are seeking honest answers to tough issues.  This group is complimented with the unique leadership of Scott Denté, who guides these discussions in a most hilarious way.

This 8 week study is all on DVD…the discussion and all the film clips from “Matthew”.  We see and hear Jesus without filters and it creates an honest exploration of his words, expressions and reactions to the needs of people,” commented one leader of this new study. 

The film has been licensed to Integrity Film and Video by International Bible Society and Pathway Media to create new opportunities for churches to “see the bible”.  The entire text of the film (running time of 4 hours) uses only the biblical text of the New International Version (NIV), one of the most trusted translations of the 21st century.  The film was filmed in Morocco, South Africa and Hollywood starring Richard Kiley (Thornbirds, Jurassic Park) as Matthew and introducing Bruce Marchiano as Jesus.

Moments with Jesus include:

·         The Baptism of Jesus: Are You Answering a Calling?

·         Healing a Leper: What Do Miracles Mean in Life Today?

·         Calming the Sea: How Do You Survive the Storms of Life?

·         Feeding the 5,000: Can God Be Trusted to Provide?

·         Betrayal at the Last Supper: Have You Gazed into the Face of Unfailing Love?

·         Crucifixion: How Do You Respond to Christ's Passion?

·         Resurrection: Are You Living a New Life in Christ?

·         The Great Commission: Are You a Messenger of Hope?


Starts Oct. 17th to Dec. 5th


Judy Young Room




All are welcome!

For information, please call the church office (519-376-7886) or speak to Ed or Dee Renaud to learn more.



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