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865 Second Avenue West
Owen Sound, Ontario

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church: a church community of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, worshiping in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Harvest Happening

Harvest Happening - Food, Fun and crafts

Join us on October 26th, 2019

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New Name! Harvest Happening-Food, Fun and Crafts 2019

As cucumber, tomatoes, peppers and other wonderful veggies come ripe please remember our Preserves table as you make your relishes, pickles, jams. Red pepper jelly, dills, bread and butter, chili sauce or salsa and so much more are very popular purchases. Keep us in mind! There will be a call soon for bakers of gingerbread figures and Christmas tree decorations for our new children's area, as well as face painting for children to enjoy while Mom and Dad are looking around.

Knitters and sewers are always busy with their hands creating such wonderful works. Join in and create a masterpiece for us. We are making a real effort this year to attract younger families so we can keep this great event alive and healthy over the coming years. When you make reference to our event try to use our new name .... a bit long but it communicates our emphasis.

These are some of our new ideas. More to come. Stay tuned!!!!

History of Harvest Happening:

Harvest Happening is much more than a St. Andrew's Church event it is an experience that lives on in the hearts of all who have been involved. Anyone who has been part of Harvest Happening cherishes the memories it has provided, all very different but all very real.

The name was born after a brain-storming session between Judy Young, the CE director of the day, and Ann Kelly. Judy brought the idea home to St. Andrew's from another church in another community. After a productive afternoon working on combinations and permutations, it was decided an event in the fall was harvest time and it was certainly destined to be a happening.  The name had enough flexibility that format could change and the name could still work.

Although it was set up to raise money for the building fund of the church, the fellowship it has provided far surpasses the money raised.  In 1991, the peak year for monies raised, the figure was $15,412. That was an amazing accomplishment since everything was much cheaper and much more had to be donated to reach such an amazing total. In the first 24 years of its existence, Harvest Happening has raised some $250,000 for the church.

Whose memories aren't stirred when they think back to;

Aprons Aplenty, Knitters Nook, Kitchen and Cottage, The Hobby Shoppe, Ideas for Everyone, Bakers' Bonanza, Creative Christmas, Deli Delights, Cradle Crafts, Sweet Things, Dried Flowers and Wreaths, & The Work Bench to name a few areas which caught the imagination of both sellers and buyers and who can forget, in the early stages, the big tent on the church lawn, pony rides for children and live goldfish awarded as children's prizes.  Those fish brought joy to the children but sometimes met with diminished parental enthusiasm.

St. Andrew's CGIT was aboard selling used toys and books, candy, balloon animals and skilfully painting faces.  No other church could boast two ministers at Harvest Happening with painted faces.

Luncheon menus have included croissants with assorted fillings, shepherd's pie, haystacks, sweet and sour pork and chicken-on-a-bun.  Each luncheon featured Helen Meneray's ribbon salad, tossed salad, dessert and tea and coffee.

Like a patchwork quilt which uses bits and pieces of fabric, Harvest Happening draws from stories told, also in bits and pieces, of an event that's left us with a warm and fuzzy "memory blanket" we've come to love.

Harvest Happening Now:

Harvest Happening still takes place every October and offers several different areas of interest : Jams and Pickles, Collectibles, Knitting, Sewing and Quilting, Deli, Bakery, Produce, a Cafe and a super lunch. Each area is headed up by a convenor who organizes her group of volunteers for the day of Harvest Happening and encourages the congregation to provide items for sale. Periodic notices are in the weekly bulletin and Fire from the Bush to remind everyone that their talents are needed in providing items for sale.

The convenors are the heart of Harvest Happening. Without them there would be no Harvest Happening.

On the Friday before the bazaar the church is alive with comings and goings as people drop things off and others set up tables and chairs or get their area ready for Saturday. The Greeters are ready to welcome people to St Andrews and provide directions. 

We have 2 meetings each year. The first is a couple of months ahead to review what we decided about changes or adjustments to the day. The second occurs just after Harvest Happening to review how things went and make suggestions. We also discuss how the money raised should be used. There are some fixed targets like a charity donation and carpet cleaning. The rest depends on input from Session or our building maintenance staff or if there are sudden essentials.

Harvest Happening creates a spirit in St Andrew’s that represents the best of all of us: friendship, cooperation, caring, fellowship and fun while raising money for needed projects or items at our church.

Harvest Happening-Food, Fun and Crafts

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