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865 Second Avenue West
Owen Sound, Ontario

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church: a church community of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, worshiping in Owen Sound, Ontario.

How our church is governed

As a church of the Presbyterian Church of Canada, St. Andrew's is "governed" in a particular way.  The Greek word, Presbuteros means "elder" and this is where we get the word Presbyterian:  we are ruled by elders.

As one family under the lordship of Jesus Christ, we organize ourselves based on eldership. We believe it is necessary to organize ourselves so that we can provide pastoral care, teaching, and service, "decently and in good order".  See 1 Corinthians 14:40 for more on decency and order!

Teaching Elders (usually the minister) and ruling elders (elected by the congregation) share in the care and oversight of the ministry of Christ at every level of the church.   

At St. Andrews', our Session, which is made up of elected ruling elders and the minister, is responsible for every aspect of our lives and ministry together, including:  pastoral care, worship, Christian Education, stewardship (of gifts, finances, and property), and mission.  

For  more information about how the Presbyterian Church works, click here for the Book of Forms, and Living Faith.

For more information about the Session of St. Andrew's, click here


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