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865 Second Avenue West
Owen Sound, Ontario

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church: a church community of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, worshiping in Owen Sound, Ontario.


Day #2 in Managua

Hello to everyone! After a long trek yesterday, the team is finally all settled in here at Casa Shalom! We started off our morning bright and early and immediately were welcomed by the warm breeze and friendly faces of Nicaragua! Our team had a delicious egg and bean breakfast, and were excited to be reunited and/or introduced to Samuel and Jonathan! Many faces lit up with glee at the sight of their friends then settled in for our morning devotions. We were trilled to see that Doug had organized our devotion, and were anxious to hear her motivating words. We were presented with the idea the challenge to find Jesus in a special act that you do everyday here in Nicaragua. We were taught about the importance of appreciating your presence here as we act as the hands and feet of our Lord.

After reflecting, we packed up in preparation for our exciting day ahead. We decided it was best to exchange our American money to cordobas as soon as possible, so we ventured though Nicaragua where we met at a bank. We then were given a tour of downtown Managua by Samuel and Jonathan. For many of us, this tour doubled as a history lesson on the Nicaragua civil war and government.

Feeling educated, we headed to the children's hospital where we planned to paint with some children from the Cancer Ward. We were blessed to be introduced to such beautiful and kind children and to have the opportunity to spend our afternoon with them. We quickly recognized the beauty within our work with the children, and immediately felt the precense of our Lord among us and working through us. 

Feeling famished, we decided it was best to head back to Casa Shalom for some nice sandwiches. Talking over lunch, we discussed and prepared ourselves for he rest of the afternoon. We were headed to Achurch service, followed by being a part of a feeding centre.

Heading out, we ventured out on our 45 min drive. Upon arrival, the group was immediately embraced and overwhelmed with the beauty present in the church. The energy, love, peace and spirit present was truly breathtaking. Throughout the service, many young girls stood up and sang for the congregation. Becoming excited, we decided that the group would get up and sing "Jesus loves me".  Without practice we managed to pull off a fun and exciting song which went over very well. Dana and Ann (F) still eager to sing then got back up shortly after and sang "making melodies". For those who don't know  this fantastic song comes along with interactive movements! Confidently, Ann and Dana went right at it and put many smiles on faces as everyone joined in. 

Finishing the service, we headed out back to feed the families. There was prepared rice and beans. Jill, Julia and Blair were eager to serve the food, while serving the food, the rest of the group was being loved and cherished by the many families present at the centre. It was beautiful to see the faces and emotions of the children and families when they received their food.  

Overall, we had an amazing, smooth, beautiful, spiritual and exciting day here in Managua! We are excited for our next 13 days here! Finishing up for the day, we are preparing for our first medical clinic located 2 hours away from Base. We look forward to updating you tomorrow on our experiences, and appreciate you prayers, love and blessings as we work here through God. We truly feel the presence of your spirit and prayers here with us. 

Dios te bendigo!

Julia Chiasson & the PAN team 2014  



Jill, Julia, and Hannah preparing the crafts for tomorrow's clinic.