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St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church: a church community of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, worshiping in Owen Sound, Ontario.


Rural Chinendaga Medical Clinics Two and Three

The last few days I had an amazing opportunity to be part of our medical mission offering clinics at two churches in rural Chinendaga.  On both occasions we set up a triage area, doctors assessment area and our pharmacy.  There were three stations outside for crafts, sports and distribution of donations.  There would be an occasional hiccup but for the most part things went very smoothly.  The Spanish speaking doctors who accompanied the team to the clinics are all young females with busy jobs and families of their own.  They perceive value in our work to volunteer their time to provide care and hope to the needy families with many burning issues.


In conjunction to our services, our team has been accompanied by a dentist, lab technologist and a Nurse who provides immunization for children.  I wonder if PAN didn't have the initiative to provide medical care would these other services be provided?  The dentist pulled out thirteen teeth at one clinic alone.  I felt badly for a middle aged man who arrived late and wasn't able to get a rotten tooth pulled.  The only thing we could offer him was an anti-biotic and pain medication.

Working at the pharmacy

Working at the pharmacy

Many of the children seem to be on par with growth and development until age two and after that they seem to lag behind. Almost all the children were treated with anti parasitic medication and vitamins. All donations of clothing,skipping ropes, balls and sports equipment brought joy to the people's hearts. 

The pastor at our first clinic which was held in a very modest church approached our leaders Doug and Craig with a request for a donation of money towards a keyboard. Any donation of one dollar, ten dollars or more towards their total goal of five hundred dollars would be greatly appreciated. The church ladies have been preparing and selling food outside the church (over an open fire) to fundraise for this purchase.  To date they have raised 200 dollars.  His graciousness and humility were remarkable. We will be discussing this request at a later meeting when we are dispersing our contingency fund.  

I believe in the love of God and his love of all of his people. We bring joy and hope to Nicaragua.  There are many opportunities to have your eyes fully opened through the eyes of God. I am very happy and excited to be part of this experience!  Thank you to everyone back home for all of your support and love!  

"For God so loved the world that he have his only Son, so that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.  John 3:16


resectfully submitted Anne Struthers 

& the PAN team.