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865 Second Avenue West
Owen Sound, Ontario

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church: a church community of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, worshiping in Owen Sound, Ontario.


Building Community


Christian community is built everywhere in similar ways...listening to God's word, expressing hospitality, working and playing together, studying the bible together, and cooking and eating together. What we've found out is sometimes it just looks a little different in other countries.

We worshipped together Sunday in Grenada at Iglesias de Nazareno III . We experienced amazing hospitality and saw that this Christian community has a vibrant vision to share God's love. Our hosting church invited Pastor Dana to preach which was wonderful and her message was very well received.

We were awed by the size of the church that the Canadian community of Milverton partnered to build. They began, initially, with a Sunday School. So many children came that they had to run it on Saturday, too. When so many came on Saturday the had to split into two groups. They are now up to three hundred children. A Joy sports team helped create a sports pad to play on. This is a church with vision and energy because they are now eyeing the property nearby to build a place to care for unwed  mothers. This church understands mission!

In the meantime there is a "Tiki Hut" at the back of the property with a kitchen building behind it where delicious fruit bowls were served to us with gracious hospitality. The similarity of our traditions were quite consistent but the resources we have to use look very different. The equipment and shelter might vary but God's love and praise is present in both. I was overwhelmed at times by the gracious thanks out poured to us. I hope I will remember this role modelling when I greet visitors at St. Andrew's.

After church a member of the congregation invited us to his waterfront property on Lake Nicaragua. We were able to purchase a delicious lunch of either fish, chicken or beef. It was served by the waterfront and was delicious. Several members of the congregation joined us. Following this we were taken on a lovely cruise on the Lake learning about the many islands and birds that lived there. We visited Monkey Island where the monkeys come close to the boat hoping for treats. At the end of the cruise some of us went for a swim and were surprised to find a herd of  cows had joined us. This caused some of us to rapidly swim for shore! Our translator, Raquel, overcame her fear of swimming to give it a try and was an amazing swimmer.


On our way home we had a wonderful stop at the Grenada market where we shopped and met a new favourite Nicaraguan named Allan who is a professional artist.(That's another story, though.

Returning home after our long day we shared our Joys and Concerns giving thanks for the amazing day and praying for God's help with our concerns. In the favourite words of Craig this day was OUTSTANDING.

Ann Fahrun and the PAN team

PS. Be sure to check out the last few posts. New pictures have been added!