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865 Second Avenue West
Owen Sound, Ontario

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church: a church community of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, worshiping in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Sandwich Makers

Sandwich Makers


This dedicated group of St. Andrew's people have been helping feed Owen Sound's hungry for the past 11 years! Union Place serves brunch 5 days a week to approximately 50 people in a small and welcoming setting and they are always so grateful when picking up our 8 loaves of sandwiches every Tuesday.

Our appetizing assortment of sandwiches usually includes peanut butter & jam, egg salad, tuna or salmon, bologna or other sliced meat, canned ham, turkey or chicken. There is no shortage of laughs and conversation while we enjoy our snack at the completion of our sandwich making.

Donations of bread and canned meat/fish are always needed.

We invite anyone who would like to help to join us at 8:45 a.m. - any Tuesday.

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