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865 Second Avenue West
Owen Sound, Ontario

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church: a church community of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, worshiping in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Worship Resources

Some Resources to Get you thinking about Vibrant Worship at St. Andrew's:




Web Resources and Articles:

O For A Thousand Tongues: The Challenge of Music (from Beyond the Worship Wars, Tom Long)

Worship Looks Back, Looks Forward - from Grace Communion International

Responding to God with Worship - from Grace Communion International

Why our Worship Style is Changing - from Grace Communion International

Reformed Worship - my favourite worship magazine

Here are a number of articles from Reformed Worship that are worth reading:

"Look before you Leap:  some thoughts on adding a contemporary service."  - by Wayne Brouer, 1996, in Reformed Worship.  A must read!

"Initial Reactions.  - by Robert Meyering 1991, in Reformed Worship.

What is Worship? - from the Presbyterian Record.  

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship - a GREAT resource!

Worship Wars:  From Christianity Today - a series of articles on worship, worship wars, and community.

How Should we Then Worship:  R.C. Sproul

How a Traditional Church can Grow Again:  An interesting perspective on the potential of the traditional church.


Contemporary Worship vs. worship - still figuring out how to upload this video

Dangerous Worship - still figuring out how to upload this video

Contemporvent:  Only if you have a sense of humour...

The Skinny on Worship:  from The Skit Guys


Beyond the Worship Wars - Thomas Long

From the publisher:  Almost every congregation is experiencing tension over worship. Many congregations have been participating in a renaissance of worship known as the "liturgical movement" and have reclaimed worship forms that have served the church for centuries. Yet because the church today is operating in a radically changed cultural environment, many people in our society do not understand liturgical worship and thus we must find language, music, themes, and images that speak to the unchurched, spiritually seeking person. In Beyond the Worship Wars, Thomas G. Long discusses the nine characteristics of vital and faithful worship practiced by a wide range of "third-way" congregations—all characteristics that make for vital and faithful worship.

Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace - James Torrance

From the publisher:  Here is a book that sets our worship, sacraments, communion and language of God back on track. In a day when refinement of method and quality of experience are the guiding lights for many Christians, James Torrance points us to the indispensable of worship, the triune God of grace. Worship is the gift of participating through the Spirit in the incarnate Son's communion with the Father, writes Torrance.

This book explodes the notion that the doctrine of the Trinity may be indispensable for the creed but remote from life and worship. Firmly rooted in Scripture and theology, alive with pastoral counsel and anecdote, Torrance's work shows us just why real trinitarian theology is the very fiber of Christian confession.

Worship Seeking Understanding - John Witvliet

From the publisher:  Worship Seeking Understanding mines the riches of biblical studies, theology, history, music, and pastoral research to provide windows into Christian worship practices. Motivated by Anselm, John Witvliet's "goal is not to explain away the experience of worship or kill and dissect it by esoteric scholarly analysis, but rather to honor and cherish it by asking the questions worship itself prompts."

With this volume, Witvliet attempts to build bridges in three directions at the same time: between theory and practice, among various worship-related disciplines, and across denominational lines. Its broad scope and insightful advice will be welcomed by seminary students, pastors, and church leaders.

Ancient Future Worship - Robert Webber

From the publisher:  With the many models of worship available, choosing a style to worship God can be a bit overwhelming. Is it better to go with traditional or contemporary models? Christians may find themselves asking how early believers worshiped and whether they can provide insight into how we should praise God today.
Rooted in historical models and patristic church studies, Ancient-Future Worship examines how early Christian worship models can be applied to the postmodern church. Pastors and church leaders, as well as younger evangelical and emerging church groups, will find this last book in the respected Ancient-Future series an invaluable resource for authentic worship.

Discerning the Spirits:  A Guide to Thinking about Christian Worship Today - Cornelius Plantinga & Sue Rozeboom

From the publisher:  Christian worship in North America has undergone great change in recent years. But change always brings uncertainty _ at times even division _ about what constitutes authentic worship. This important book reviews a wide variety of current perspectives and offers a fresh outlook on the contemporary practice of Christian worship. In order to provide the widest, most insightful discussion on present-day worship practices yet assembled, the authors gathered a team of church musicians, ministers, worship leaders, and educators from eight church traditions. Discerning the Spirits is the fruit of their work. Shaped by the wisdom of men and women like Marva Dawn, Justo Gonzalez, C. Michael Hawn, and John Witvliet, this book broadens todays worship wars into a bigger, richer discussion that moves from arguments over musical tastes to good thinking about the overall purpose of worship in relation to church life and God himself. Sidebar articles and quotes are meant to draw readers and study groups into dialogue on these issues. Whether one plays a leadership role in church worship or is simply grappling with questions about it, Discerning the Spirits is a must-read.

Worship Workshop with Glen Soderholm - July 3 2014

Dana's notes from this workshop

Some Relevant Sermons

Whose Worship?  Hebrews 7:23-28  Rev. Dana Benson

The Spiritual Discipline of Worship Rev. Dana Benson

Liturgical Spaces

Holy Space:  Presbyterian Liturgy, Theology, and Architecture

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